How to Clean Watermelon Stains Off Your Carpet

May 2, 2012
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No matter how careful you are , accidents do happen, especially when you are eating something really tasty and juicy. That applies especially when you have a delicious piece of watermelon. Even if you are sitting on your sofa with a plate in your hands there is a huge chance that drop of the fruit juice will fall on your carpet. If that happens you should firstly always act as quickly as possible, considering the carpet fibers structure, and also to use the right cleaning approach that will guarantee you great final results.

Being aware of that carpet cleaning Fulham professionals provide the following tips on how to clean watermelon stains off your carpet:

To start take a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb as much of the watermelon juice off your carpet fibers as possible. Work from the outside of the stain towards its center.

Dissolve 1 tsp. of dishwasher detergent crystals to 1 cup of water. Moisten a clean cloth in the mixture and start blotting on the stain.

Work the detergent solution into the carpet using your fingers to make sure it reaches the roots of every fiber.

Then swill the detergent out of the carpet the with some plain warm water.

Repeat that step several times if needed in order to make sure you have removed every trace of detergent from the carpet when you’ve finished.

In case the stain persists after the carpet has dried, prepare a solution of 2 tbsp. of ammonia and 1 cup of warm water. Stir thoroughly to mix the ingredients well.After that apply the ammonia mixture onto the carpet. Blot it dry with a cloth or paper towel as you did with the original dishwasher detergent solution.

Combine 2 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar.

Use that to rinse out the ammonia, instead of the lukewarm water you usually use to remove the detergent traces.

As a final effort only blot up the excess vinegar solution, working with a clean cloth.

Cleaning Fulham professionals wish you great final results!

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